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It has been fun writing blogs for all my past and current blog sites, but it's time for me to face the fact that I only have 24/7 to do all of them, in addition to the other must-do items for my daily activities. It's no secret I love writing and reading. However, I only have so much time allocated for this area, therefore, I recently invested to just have one website that I can share and in contact with you in a more consistent basis.

Here's my new website:

This Blogger site will still carry most of my daily networking activities links.

Earla Riopel
Contact info:
Earla Riopel, BScom(USA), Dacc(UBC)
#310 – 8725 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4B4, 
Phone: (604) 324 – 6310 / Website:

Work Related Update

I am qualified experienced T1 Income Tax Preparer, and have been preparing income tax returns since 1991. At first I started preparing T1s just for my family until 1995. Since then, I have been preparing T1s for others, my timeline can be found at my LinkedIn site


As to my credentials and work experience, I have taken Income Tax courses and training through:

-          ICABC – former Graduate Admission Program (Income Tax Course)

-          UBC – Diploma in Accounting Program (Income Tax Course)

-          CRA – Tax Preparation Training Program

-          Have been preparing Income Tax Returns since 1991 to present

Other qualifications:

-          Passed Sections: Regulations (including Income Taxes) in 2009 and Auditing in 2008

As to my fees:

$30.00 flat fee:  Simple Income Tax Return

$30.00 flat fee + $15/hour: Complicated Tax Return to a maximum fee of $200. This might include self-employment (sole proprietorship and partnership business income).

Methods of T1 – Individual Income Tax Preparation:

-          Paper Returns or Tax Software provided

-          Will pick-up/drop tax files at client’s place (at mutually agreed time)

-          Will prepare T1s at my home office.

-          Fees payable in cash or cheque. Receipts provided. Claimable as business expense.

For online references:

I look forward to hearing from you. You can either contact me by email or phone.
Earla Riopel
Earla Riopel, BScom(USA), Dacc(UBC)
#310 – 8725 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 4B4
Phone: (604) 324 – 6310 / Website:

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